Stop dieting and start living with Laurie Dunham Nutrition

Let’s work together to make peace with food and your body.

Do you feel frustrated and confused about what to eat?

Do you restrict certain food because you’re worried that if you eat even a little bit of it, you won’t be able to stop?

Do you scrutinize your body in every single mirror and photo?

Do you dread exercise because you’re just doing it to earn your meal?

It’s exhausting, right?

You’re not alone. I can help.

    What if I told you it IS POSSIBLE to:

    • Never go on a diet again
    • Find peace with food and your body
    • Understand the “why” behind your eating patterns
    • Eat foods you enjoy
    • Eat intuitively
    • Break free from diet culture forever


      Let’s Work Together

      Nutrition Counseling

      We’d be a good if you’re motivated to recover from an eating disorder, chronic dieting, are an athlete or have PCOS.

      Clinical Consultation

      For Registered Dietitians and Eating Disorder Professionals


      Be Body Positive with Laurie

      Coming Soon!

      hi there!

      I’m Laurie

      Registered Dietitian and Eating Disorder Specialist

      I’m here to help you learn how to care for yourself using a health-at-every-size (HAES®), non-diet approach to health and wellness. This means, no diets and no focus on numbers. We’ll work together to discover how your thoughts and emotions affect eating behaviors. 

      It’s hard to determine fact from fiction in the diet and weight-focused culture we live in. I will guide you using an evidenced-based approach that will lead you to freedom from food worries.  

      I offer decades of experience that combines the educational and clinical wisdom gained from working with thousands of individuals with disordered eating.

      So many of my clients have felt stuck on this tedious cycle of dieting. Starting something new, with the hopes of this being “the one,” only to feel devastated when, once again, the promises fall short.

      I’m here to empower you to find real, lasting health and peace with food. Can you imagine how free you’ll feel without the worry of trying to stay on a restrictive eating plan? 

      I’ve spent the majority of my career helping people restore a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. I am deeply committed to supporting you in doing the same. Healing can be a challenging process but the journey is life-changing.

      Ready to Start?

      Three Easy Steps

      Step 1:

      Contact Me

      Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to ask questions and learn more about how I can help.

      Step 2:

      Initial Assessment 

      Schedule a 75 minute Initial Assessment

      Step 3:

      Follow up Sessions

      Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes. Your progress and the frequency of sessions will continually be reassessed.

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